Monday, 13 September 2010

Evaluation of Cropping Exercise and Screen Shot video

  1. What did you have to do and what was the purpose of the task?
Cropping Exercise: Each group was given a picture, we were then asked to create a newspaper headline to show the seniero in that picture.

Screen Shot Video: We were given a camera and asked to take a varity of different shots of the people in our group.

2. What have you learnt in terms of skills, key concepts and ideas?

Cropping Exercise: I learnt how to crop a picture in a more professional way, I also learnt how to create a different concept to a picture.

Screen Shot Video: I learnt how to take shots are various different angles and how to set the scene using only pictures.

4. What would you do differently if you had the chance? What lessons have you learnt in terms of pre-production / production; in other words, how will you be more efficient next time? 

If I had the chance I would have spent more time on each task, if I had done this the overall presentation of the work would have been a lot better. Also to be more efficient next time I will become more aware of the software we are using, when we started the task my group wasn't familiar with the software which made it harder to produce quaility work.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Enemy Of The State Evaluation

1. What is the point of this sequence? Describe briefly how tension is created through the editing.
The tension in this sequence is created by a varity of different shots and angles.

2. Look at the use of CU or Medium CU. Why are they primarily used here? Refer to specific shots.
From 0.50-1.03 there is good use of medium CU, it is primarily used here because one of the actors "Will Smith" comes to realisation of a truth that the other actor has told him.   

3. Choose 15-20 seconds from anywhere in the sequence and describe each shot in detail, explaining its effect / function for the audience, as well as commenting on how the cuts (the editing) adds to the meaning.
The 15-20 seconds I have chosen is when the two men are in a bunker full of technology. I believe that there is a great deal of detailed shots in these few seconds as it also builds a lot of excitment and tension. It gives a good view of the amount of equipment in the bunker and it also shows one of the actors use of the technology.

4. How far does the editing of this sequence fit in with the genre of the thriller? Justify your opinion.
The editing in the sequence fits in with the thriller genre because the different angles and shots add the thriller effect. Although the plot plays a big part in the overall effect, due to the camera movement, placement, shots and angles its adds to the effect.

Moutain Landscape

This is a picture of a moutain landscape with a dark thunder cloud coming over.
  • It is easy to see the snow on the tops of the moutains, this shows how cold it must be in that area.
  • Although this piece of land might be very calm and cyrene normally, in this picture it looks very scary and possibly dangerous.
  • Further in the background you can see that the scenery is very nice, but coming in closer it becomes apparent that this dark cloud is shadowing all the beauty.
  • The cameraman/woman angles this picture perfectly in order to show this shadowing but at the same time he/she makes sure that the beauty of the landscape is not lost.